Friday, January 19, 2018

January 19, 2018

YouTube Removes Tide Pod Challange Videos After Teens Keep Poisoning Themselves

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YouTube can begin taking down videos of the “Tide Pod challenge” as a result of the infectious agent on-line furore represents a public health threat, the corporate declared.

“YouTube’s Community Guidelines prohibit content that’s intended to encourage dangerous activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm,” said YouTube in a statement. “We work to quickly remove flagged videos that violate our policies.” (A cursory search of YouTube shows that this particularly game of “whack-a-mole” seems to be largely successful.)

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If you’re curious what the Tide Pod challenge is, it’s doubtless the dumbest non-laundry connected issue you'll be able to do with a detergent capsule—recording yourself by choice feeding a Tide Pod and posting it on YouTube and social media. Because, the web, and likes, apparently. (One entrepreneurial spirit took things to consecutive level recently by recording himself vaping a Tide Pod. Yes, we’re doomed.)

Enough teenagers have engaged within the Tide Pod challenge that it’s bonded public health scrutiny. in keeping with the Association of Poison management Centers, twenty fifth of the 220 teens United Nations agency were exposed to Tide Pods last year consumed them by choice, and half thirty seven cases in 2018 up to now were intentional, the Washington Post reports. It’s unclear whether or not or not anyone has truly died from the Tide Pod challenge up to now (there are no such in public rumored cases therefore far), however it’s entirely attainable to die from overwhelming enough detergent.

That’s as a result of the pods ar cytotoxic. And feeding a Tide Pod might cause abdomen issues, respiratory issues, corrosive harm to the throat, oscillations in vital sign, and even medicine harm. Young youngsters United Nations agency have accidentally consumed these forms of detergent have gone into comas and even died. In fact, corporations that manufacture the product are urged to form them a lot of child-proof.

If you see any videos of the Tide Pod challenge on YouTube, move and flag it to the positioning for removal. and perhaps say atiny low prayer for the long run.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 18, 2018

Microsoft buys Avere Systems for its Azure AI Solutions

Microsoft proclaimed that it nonheritable Avere Systems and its cloud-based offerings for superior computing. 

Through the acquisition, Microsoft gains Network classification system and Server Message Block file-based storage technologies. Microsoft can incorporate Avere’s capabilities, that run on each Windows and UNIX system, into its own Azure cloud portfolio.  

The purchase comes from Microsoft and cloud rivals Amazon, Google and IBM ar building out their infrastructure-as-a-service offerings as they focus a lot of on winning customers within the attention realm.

Microsoft pointed to animations and lighting tricks in Hollywood blockbusters likewise as discovering new malady treatments as 2 samples of what it anticipates Azure customers are going to be ready to do with the new superior computing services.

“Avere uses a combination of file system and caching technologies to support performance requirements for customers who run large-scale compute workloads,” Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure, wrote on the company’s site in early January.

Avere business executive Ronald Bianchini aforementioned group action its technologies with Microsoft’s Azure allows it to continue that specialize in enterprise applications.

“Our shared vision is to continue our focus on all of Avere’s use cases - in the datacenter, in the cloud and in hybrid cloud storage and cloud bursting environments,” Bianchini added.

The companies didn't disclose terms of the deal.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January 17, 2018

Android Google Play Store Apps Got Attacked by P*rn Malware

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OK parents, listen up. regarding sixty apps from the Google Play store are targeted by malicious malware dubbed “Adult even-toed ungulate,” and your youngsters is also in some serious distress if they’ve downloaded one in all them.

Global cyber security company Check purpose analysis found the malicious code last week. Daniel Padon, a mobile security man of science with the corporate, told All the Moms regarding what it's and suggested what actions to require.

The malware attacks the app user in 3 other ways, all of that profit the hacker, Padon said.

Geek Tip: Adult even-toed ungulate isn't an equivalent as a pestilence. This malware doesn’t unfold like pc viruses, that could be a sensible factor.

How the malware attacks?

The hacker’s 1st attack the displays ads that crop up whereas the kid is enjoying the sport on a phone. Any of those ads might contain probably mature or sexy content.

The malware conjointly lures users (many of whom square measure children) into downloading “phone security apps” by incorrectly stating the phone in use encompasses a virus and should be protected. The hacker then makes cash off the downloads.

What makes this attack particularly pernicious is however it takes advantage of youngsters specifically. “As a user, you’re not aware they’re attempting to register you for premium services,” Padon aforesaid.

What will that mean?

Think of those old-school pc pop-ups that say, “Congratulations, you simply won a free iPhone!” That’s what Adult even-toed ungulate will. To retrieve the prize, it asks for the user’s telephone number. thereupon data, the hacker will then register the user for expensive services. Of course, there aren’t any services. The hacker simply pockets the money.

How is it being handled? What ought to folks do?
Padon aforesaid Check purpose analysis instantly alerted Google of the malware, and every one the games were after taken down. thus if your kid hasn’t already downloaded the sport, you’re safe!

If your child HAS downloaded one in all the sports (check the game list here), delete it.

Then check the phone for unacquainted apps. although not witnessed during this specific case, Padon aforesaid malware typically downloads further corrupt apps. Check your phone simply just in case.

Next, raise your kid if he or she entered personal data to retrieve “prizes.” Contact your utility supplier to alert them of doubtless deceitful purchases. Rest assured although, Padon aforesaid in massive cases like these, phone firms square measure usually aware and handle it swimmingly.

Last thing: notice a true anti-virus security product for your phone, Padon suggested. most of the people wouldn’t use a totally unprotected pc, he said. thus why try this together with your phone?

Monday, January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

Google Arts & Culture App Gets Feature That Finds depository Portraits Matching Your Selfies

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Google is upgrading its Arts & Culture app to supply a replacement feature that creates use of biometric identification. The app will currently finds if your selfie incorporates a similar vintage portraits sitting right out of a repository. Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with quite one,200 international museums and galleries from seventy countries. The app took the quantity one free app spot on Google Play within the North American nation presently when the update.

As we have a tendency to mentioned, the Google Arts & Culture app currently incorporates a new feature that enables you to match your self portrait with a illustrious one from a global repository. Once matched, the app also will show the author of the painting together with the repository it comes from. With the newest update to the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, this new feature has been introduced (for choose locations) aboard some bug fixes and minor enhancements. The feature does not add Bharat but.

Google uses pattern recognition to recognize faces and supply similar portraits from its info, that has been procured from museums and alternative establishments. "For example, a pc can be trained to recognize the common patterns of shapes and colors that form up a digital image of a face," aforesaid Google's official webpage describing pattern recognition. "The same pattern recognition technology that powers facial detection will facilitate a pc to know characteristics of the face it's detected. for instance, there can be sure patterns that recommend a face is sporting a beard or glasses, or that it's attributes like those."

The Google Arts & Culture app conjointly offers the flexibility to expertise artworks from establishments round the world. A succeeding update conjointly allowed the app to be compatible with Google Cardboard, providing AN immersive VR expertise. With 'Art Recognizer', the app conjointly enables you to purpose your phone's camera at AN design to urge data regarding it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018

iPhone 6 and Replacement Batteries Won’t Be obtainable till At Least of Late March

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Apple is already in bother with its $29 battery replacement program, as iPhone vi and homeowners can currently need to wait many weeks before they'll avail the provide owing to a provide shortage.

The new development adds to the growing list of headaches for Apple involving iPhone batteries, which incorporates lawsuits, lost iPhone sales, and exhausted Apple Stores.

In late Gregorian calendar month, Apple confirmed speculations that it absolutely was suffocation iPhone performance, that the corporate same was necessary to form degraded batteries last longer and forestall random shutdowns. As AN apology, Apple lowered  the value of iPhone battery replacements for the iPhone vi and later models from $79 to $29.

However, it seems that Apple wasn't ready for the flow of shoppers UN agency wished to possess new batteries for his or her older iPhones. Stocks of batteries for the iPhone vi and, especially, have apparently run out, in keeping with an inside document from Apple that was nonheritable by MacRumors.

The document, that was distributed to Apple Stores and also the company’s approved service suppliers, disclosed the short provide for iPhone vi and replacement batteries. Customers within the u.  s., still as in different regions, UN agency need new batteries for his or her iPhone vi and are going to be forced to attend till late March or early April.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the iPhone vi and isn't the sole iPhone model taking part within the $29 battery replacement program that's facing provide problems. Apple conjointly noted a waiting time of regarding period of time for iPhone vi and iPhone 6s and batteries.

The batteries for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone seven and, and iPhone SE square measure still obtainable for many countries. A supply from a licensed service supplier for Apple told MacRumors that during a recently received package with replacement batteries, most were for the iPhone seven and iPhone seven and.

Apple is presently facing a bevy of lawsuits for the iPhone suffocation contention, one in every of that is seeking virtually $1 trillion in damages. On prime of any damages it'd need to pay, Apple conjointly stands to lose regarding $10 billion in iPhone sales owing to the battery replacement program. this can be as a result of customers could choose a brand new battery rather than upgrading to a brand new iPhone model.

The battery replacement program itself isn't going still as planned. There have already been 2 according incidents of Apple Stores being exhausted owing to smoke returning from AN iPhone battery. AN iPhone 6s and battery hot in AN Apple Store in Svizzera, whereas AN iPhone battery was same to possess exploded in AN Apple Store in European country.
January 14, 2018

Apple faces even additional governmental scrutiny over iPhone choking

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For Apple, the worst is also however to return once it in public admitted to, and apologized for, deceleration down older iPhones with deteriorating batteries late last month. aboard the value of a reduced battery replacement program and presumably many lost sales, the smartphone maker may additionally be in line for severe legal repercussions.

Adding to the continuing legal disputes filed against the corporate by customers, Apple's admission has been garnering increasing attention on Capitol Hill. After Sen. John Thune issued a letter to Apple business executive Tim Cook earlier in the week, four additional U.S. lawmakers have currently followed in his footsteps and sent Cook an analogous letter seeking additional data regarding the growing collapse. enclosed among the four House Republicans is Greg Walden, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The specific content of the letter is presently unknown, although it's reported  that aboard claims of choking, it additionally touched upon recent reports of heating batteries and explosions. AN Apple Store in Swiss Confederation was exhausted earlier in the week once battery started emitting smoke, and this was shortly followed by an analogous report from European country.

Apple has however to issue a comment regarding its response to the request from lawmakers.
January 14, 2018

4 U.S. House Republicans Push Apple for Answers on iPhone Speeds

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Four U.S. House Republicans, as well as the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, on weekday wrote Apple opposition. chief government Tim Cook asking him to answer questions on its revealing that it slowed older iPhones with drooping batteries.

The California-based company apologized over the problem on Dec. 28, cut battery replacement prices and aforesaid it'll amendment its package to point out users whether or not their phone battery is sweet.

The letter conjointly aforesaid they were involved concerning reports that associate degree iPhone battery hot and started to emit smoke in Suisse.

U.S. legislator John Thune, World Health Organization chairs the Senate Commerce Committee, sent an analogous letter to Apple on Tues.

Apple failed to directly reply to letter of invitation for comment weekday.

Friday, January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018

T-Mobile Offers $700 Discount On Second iPhone X; additional BOGO Deals accessible

The iPhone X has solely been within the marketplace for regarding 2 months, however T-Mobile has already started providing tempting discounts for Apple's premium smartphone.

There are reports that analysts expect lower iPhone X shipments within the half-moon of 2018, however a minimum of one analyst thinks that the iPhone X demand isn't speed down. we'll not grasp that one is correct till the quarter ends, however offers like this one by T-Mobile can keep customers inquisitive about the iPhone X.

T-Mobile Offers $700 iPhone X Discount

T-Mobile undraped new smartphone deals for brand new and existing customers, with the highlight being the up to $700 discount for a second iPhone X.

Under T-Mobile's supply, customers World Health Organization purchase the iPhone X could arise to $700 off on the second iPhone X within the sort of a rebate contained in an exceedingly paid card. To avail the discount, customers can need to purchase 2 units of the iPhone X below the carrier's instrumentality regular payment and trade a qualifying smartphone. The client can then need to submit letter of invitation on T-Mobile's Rebates page.

The discount, however, doesn't solely apply to the iPhone X. Customers may avail the up to $700 off once shopping for pairs of the iPhone seven, iPhone seven and, iPhone 8, and iPhone eight and.

T-Mobile doesn't stop with the iPhone tho', as there square measure offers on much all different flagship smartphones on the market. Customers could relish associate degree up to $750 discount on a second Samsung Galaxy Note eight, Galaxy S8 Active, and Galaxy S8+. There also are ancient purchase one, get one deals for the Galaxy S8 and LG's G6, V20, V30, and V30+.

For customers solely wanting to buy one device, T-Mobile is additionally providing up to $150 off through a belongings program.

Unlike different carriers World Health Organization supply rebates and discounts within the sort of bill credits unfold through monthly payments, T-Mobile sends the total quantity in an exceedingly paid MasterCard card some weeks once availing the promotion.

T-Mobile, Verizon contention Continues

While T-Mobile is difficult all different carriers within the market, the Un-Carrier particularly targets Verizon with its #GetOutoftheRed program. below the program, T-Mobile can watch out of up to $650 on the remaining payments for smartphones purchased from Verizon, if customers plan to switch from a Verizon subscription to a T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE and International set up.

T-Mobile has updated the program to additionally embrace the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Google element a pair of, and element a pair of XL.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

CES 2018: Lenovo Unveils Its First ARM Powered Windows 10 2-in-1

As usual, Lenovo centered on its new lineup of ThinkPads this year at CES, however it did have one shopper product to point out off: the Miix 630. it is the 1st ARM-powered Windows ten laptop from the manufacturer, and so Lenovo became solely the third partner to provide a Windows device with a flower 835 beneath the hood, the primary 2 being HP and ASUS.

The largest profit to AN ARM processor in an exceedingly laptop is battery life, and significantly standby time. ARM chips use massive.LITTLE design, exploitation additional powerful cores for tasks that need it, and economical cores for everything else. whereas the laptop is in standby mode, tasks like syncing notifications will not use the maximum amount power. this is often however your phone already works.

Lenovo says that the Miix 630 provides up to twenty hours of active usage, and therefore the standby time ought to be weeks. the $64000 question is what proportion the active usage - and performance - is affected once running Win32 apps rather than UWP apps, that area unit sometimes compiled to run on ARM natively. Obviously, emulation would use additional power.

Unfortunately, that is still the question that none folks have a solution to. I asked, and could not get any specifics from Lenovo, thus we'll all have to be compelled to wait till the spring once these devices hit the market.

In terms of type issue, the Miix 630 is extremely almost like HP's Snapdragon-powered laptop, the Envy x2. The Miix could be a pill, with AN tie-on keyboard cowl that has a kickstand, a bit like the Envy. Obviously, the kickstand will place the show at any angle.

The show could be a twelve.3-inch 1920x1280 alphanumeric display, and whereas it's nice, the bezels appear exceptionally wide. i am undecided why this is often, however it will build the front of the device feel somewhat dated.

The camera at the highest of the device will have AN IR camera beside it, that is employed for Windows hi biometric authentication. this is often a feature that I explore for on any new laptop, because it simply is sensible for the device to acknowledge Maine once i am sitting before of it.

It additionally includes a pen, as you'd expect from any fashionable Windows pill. The pen supports up to one,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, and sadly, there is not any tilt support.

The keyboard magnetically props itself up against the device, and it feels exceptionally durable. It truly rings a bell in my memory of the tie-on keyboard that came with the ThinkPad X1 pill last year, and that is an honest factor. The keys area unit terribly snug to sort on, and it does not feel shaky such as you would possibly notice with tie-on keyboards from alternative laptop makers.

Windows on ARM, or Windows on flower as Qualcomm calls it, is a component of a broader Always-Connected laptop initiative by Microsoft. meaning that even with the battery life edges that go along with ARM, you will additionally get cellular property at up to gigabit speeds with the flower X16 electronic equipment. Always-Connected PCs may be Intel-powered furthermore.

The device runs Windows ten S, and as is that the case with all ten S devices, you'll need the choice of upgrading change to Windows ten professional for complimentary for a amount. what is attention-grabbing is that the free upgrade switch provide does not endwise a static date, love it will with the Surface laptop computer. It ends one hundred eighty days from the date of product activation, thus you do not have to be compelled to worry a few fee if you wish Windows ten professional.

Lenovo says that the Miix 630 can arrive within the second quarter of 2018, beginning at $799.99.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 11, 2017

Xcode 9 Beta, Download Here and Checkout What's New

Xcode is the complete developer toolset used to create apps for Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The Xcode development environment bundles the Instruments analysis tool, Simulator, and the OS frameworks in the form of tvOS SDKs, watchOS SDKs, iOS SDKs, and macOS SDKs.

With everything you need to create amazing apps for Apple platforms, Xcode 9 is unbelievably quick and consistently smooth while editing even the largest files. It also understands your code better than ever, so you can select and edit the structure or even transform the selection directly in the editor. Powerful new refactoring tasks happen in place, renaming symbols across Swift, Objective-C, and even user interface files without skipping a beat. And with source compatibility in Swift 4, Xcode 9 uses the same compiler to build existing Swift 3 code and updated Swift 4 code, so you can migrate at your own pace.

All New Editor
The source code editor has been completely rebuilt for amazing speed. It scrolls at a constantly smooth rate, no matter the files size. And it looks better, too, with preferences that give you greater control over line spacing, multiple font styles, and even the type of cursor. The new command-click gesture makes it easy to visualize and select sections of code based on structure. Issues have been redesigned to flow nicely with your code with Fix-its are grouped together so you can commit multiple changes in a single click.

In Markdown files, headings, bold and italic text, links, and other formatting are instantly rendered in the editor as you type. The Jump Bar even understands Markdown structure so you can quickly navigate your and documentation files.

Refactor and Transform
The new editor goes beyond text entry with a new built-in refactoring and transformation engine. When you select a symbol or block of code, the editor will offer powerful operations such as ‘Extract’ or ‘Rename.’ Xcode will then update your code structure directly in the editor, keeping you focused on the code you're working on. Xcode 9 supports the following transformations and refactorings:
  • Add missing protocol requirements
  • Generate missing implementation stubs
  • Add missing overrides for abstract methods
  • Extract to local variable
  • Extract method / expression
  • Expand default in switch statements to generate all applicable cases
  • Convert if/else to / from switch statement
  • Wrap string in NSLocalizedString macro
  • This is just the beginning. Xcode’s local transformation engine will be open source as part of the Clang compiler project.

Source Control and GitHub
Xcode 9 makes working with source control – and with GitHub – easier and more tightly integrated. With your GitHub account built into Xcode, the clone window shows all of your personal GitHub repositories, as well as all the repositories where you added a star. From this window, you can search all of GitHub and check out a project with just a click.

Support for Git is now front and center with a brand new source control navigator. Quickly view each of your branches, tags, and remotes with a timeline of commits. Inspect an entry to see all affected files or double-click on a commit to see everything that changed. Common operations, such as creating and merging branches, are quickly accessible in the navigator.

Swift 4
The open source community led by Apple has helped Swift build quickly, while producing faster applications and smaller executables. The new Swift 4 compiler now understands Swift 3 code. You can easily move to Xcode 9 right away, choose which parts of your application are ready to move to Swift 4, and migrate the rest of your code later. The language also features an enhanced String type.

Cut the Cord
Choose any of your iOS or tvOS devices on the local network to install, run, and debug your apps – without a USB cord plugged into your Mac. Simply click the ‘Connect via Network’ checkbox the first time you use a new iOS device, and that device will be available over the network from that point forward. Wireless development also works in other apps, including Instruments, Accessibility Inspector, Quicktime Player, and Console.

Simulate and Test
The new Simulator app is dramatically upgraded with faster launch times and a new look – the window now appears just like the device you are simulating. Buttons in the device work as expected, and you can even simulate gestures from the screen edge. Touch Bar support means quick actions, such as rotate, are only a tap away.

You can run multiple instances of Simulator to speed up tests by running them in parallel, or test apps that coordinate tasks such as syncing to iCloud across multiple devices. Easily launch Simulator from the command-line, even when driving multiple instances — perfect for automated testing. And Xcode Server is simpler to set up on all of your Macs, as it's now built into Xcode and no longer requires a separate macOS Server app. It’s never been easier to continuously build and test your apps.

Faster Everywhere
A brand new indexing engine runs as part of the build process, so Xcode understands your code automatically. Tasks that use the index, such as Open Quickly, are dramatically faster. Searching large projects feels impossibly quick – up to 50 times faster. And a new build system dramatically lowers the overhead of tasks that coordinate the compiler, linker, and other tools.